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The inhabitants of the island of paws are under attack from Monsters Like these of all shapes and sizes!!

Help SAVE! the island and have FUN and look good doing it with 100s of costumes and armors. Yes this is a multi-player RPG (role playing game) recommended for Ages 13-UP. The game runs in your browser and when finished it will support over 50 players at the same time. (more users are possible if we reach our higher goals something like over 100 players at a time but that all depends on our funding goals).

Play the Demo!! If the server is running hop on and say hi and check out the coolness just waiting to be discovered

Play the Demo Right Here

(Adobe Shockwave Player for your browser is needed to run the game if you don't already have it you will need to download it to play - also most problems if you find any can be fixed by refreshing the page the game is on) The game is about 75% complete more or less - I still need to add in magic and do numerous little things here and there like skills etc. some more graphic patches also YOU MAY FIND BUGS IN THIS BUILD - all accounts will reset before the game enters Beta. The demo is a small area of game like 12 screens or something you can run around - chop trees - fish - kill low level monsters and use the shop that is about it right now really... sometimes it's just not enough to tell you about something. So that is why I want to show you our world! Get your hands and eyes on what we are actually offering then decide if you want to support the Island of Paws.

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Well a better website would be nice.. ( This is one of the first things to be worked on. This game requires a server (for those in the know a VPS should work). The bigger/faster the "server" the more people that can play at the same time, and the less lag all the players will experience. A basic set up should get us around 50 players on at the same time or so but bigger server wise is ALWAYS better. The game is currently about 75% or so Ready I still need to add in the magic combat bit and fix a few 1000 code problems =) (Play the DEMO! already). We still need to add in quests and monster drops and other stuff. We also need to fix a few bigger bugs (that will take a "real" programmer and strangely they want money to do it??) ... grrrr... also we want to make it a little more user friendly (more modern as the engine we are using is very OLD school). Also honestly a game like this is best when it is monitored by an actual human (Lets call them an Admin) They help keep the game atmosphere friendly and can also do some basic building/Fixing things in the background. While a LOT of people really love games the fact is a part time or full time admin would still want to get paid. You know so they could eat and stuff. New stuff!!! Yes it's a fact we can add to the game engine (wow we have a lot of monsters now) and add in new features oh things like (Pets-mailing items to other players-more, more, more, of everything!! stuff like that.. you know.) Long story short I, Robert Cox, Promise to work hard and use the money raised for this game the best way I can. I want the game to work as much as you do, maybe more!.

Lets get gaming! Our Goal is 20,000 the Closer to the goal we get the more the game server will be up so I can work on it and tweak it

See you on the Island


And Litecoin

Now Accepting My Favorite Coin Doge!!

Terms of service:

Right now we are ONLY in demo mode the game is provided as is If our funding goal is reached we can make it a LOT better.

1: So the Golden rule is in effect for the time being and it is "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!!"

2: Rule 2 is "My server my Rules" So please follow rule number 1 please =)

Also you are a guest so please act like one. Any problems at all and your account WILL be deleted, edited, lost, shipped off to the island of no return, etc.

We know things are still a little rough around the edges. That's the reason we need you! If you like the project and the game please donate and help us get the word out! The more that know about this little project the bigger and more fun the game can become!